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I've had the good fortune of interviewing some VIPs, as well as being the interviewee. Here are some that have been caught on tape:

Interviewing Indonesia's Minister of Tourism & Creative Economy, Dr. Mari Pangestu

Interviewing Billionaire Entrepreneur Edwin Soeryadjaja (member of "FORBES 1,000 Richest in the World," but this is NOT why he is so fascinating. Highly Recommended!)

Interviewing Indonesia's Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, Dahlan Iskan (in bahasa INDONESIA)

My opening speech at the USC Marshall School's Pacific Rim Business Forum in Bali, October 2012.

Being interviewed by host Billy Boen, at his Young On Top's radio show,
subject = my "Personal Scorecard Pillar" book (in Bahasa INDONESIA)

Being interviewed (in Bahasa INDONESIA) by host Billy Boen, at his Young On Top's radio show, subject = my first marathon attempt at the inaugural BII Maybank Bali Marathon 2012.

Last but not least, I would like to share a brief review I wrote, after hearing Tom Friedman's keynote speech about his then-latest book "That Used to be US."

With Tom Friedman, 14 Oct '11, Hong Kong

Had an opportunity to listen to, and meet with, Thomas Friedman, 3-time Pulitzer Prize winner, New York Times columnist, and best-selling author of numerous books, including:
  • Lexus and the Olive Tree
  • Longitude & Attitudes
  • The World is Flat
  • Hot, Flat and Crowded
  • and the latest: That Used to be US

This was one of the most interesting keynote speeches I've heard:

Friedman mentioned that when he wrote FlatWorld in 2005, the premise was "Beijing was connected to Bangalore. Delhi to Denver, etc"

And, when Flat World was written:
  • Skype was a typo
  • Twitter was a sound
  • 4G was a parking spot
  • Cloud was in the sky

That WAS the connected world, but, TODAY, the world is Hyper-connected.

Friedman used the example of the "Up in the air" movie. Clooney's (character) job was to fire people, yet he himself was fired/replaced by hi-tech (firing via teleconference).

The world is now very much a flat playing field, where companies have access to cheap parts, labors, etc.

But, most important is everyone has access to cheap genius (talent), where technology and ever-more-efficient air travels make this possible.

Employers are now looking for staffs who are able to do critical reasoning & thinking (i.e. reinvent job while doing it, because the market itself is ever-changing)

Friedman: "when I graduated, I have to find a job. Today, my kids almost have to INVENT a job." 

TRENDS Friedman is observing now:
  • Top down structure = slow (and going "out of trend")
  • Down to up = fast yet chaotic, and happening everywhere
  • Education is important, particularly in third world countries, they must bring bottom up to international average (including us Indonesians of course)

In today's job market, ONLY "Unique Value Creator" cannot be killed. All other jobs are subject to annihilation.

Bosses today: "I do all I can, not to hire more people." That is why outsourcing is growing like gangbusters!

Other worthy notes:
  • World now divided into two: Hi Imagination Enabling VS. Low Imagination Enabling countries (read: those able to leverage creativity and those cannot)
  • Everyone has to find their "extra." What is yours? Example about waiter giving more fruit at pancake house, to get more tips (not sure I agree with this)
  • "Situational value" is the current value (decision based on situation) being practiced, vis-à-vis "sustainable value" which is the prudent one.
  • 40% silicon valley startups by immigrants
  • China has to get rich before it gets old.
  • What can save US = still full of people who didn't get the word (people still excited about innovation and creativity), US must continue to create and innovate and invent.

Both China & US must do well, as both have a symbiotic relationship.

And all big countries must do well to support this hyperconnected world.

The title of the book "That Used to be US," is referring to "that used to be the old US of A," the one that was successful in most areas.  Now that America is sliding down, it can still come back up.

Everything America needs to move back up, is to look inward to its history, namely by fostering creativity, and, giving birth to more Unique Value Creators.

That's pretty much the summary. What do YOU think?

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