Personal Balance

I believe that the holy grail of life is to live a balanced existence, by taking care of the four important dimensions:

  • Spiritual
  • Intellectual
  • Social
  • Physical Health

Am I balanced yet? Definitely NOT. But knowing that I need to perpetually work on my balance is an important first step.

In early 2011, I wrote the 'My PSP' book # ISBN 9790745524 on the subject (now available as the 'My Personal Pillar' iOS application on iTunes), espousing that each individual can be analogized as a Personal Scorecard Pillar; a single pillar with the aforementioned four sides.

For an individual to move forward (building his/her Personal Pillar upward) in life, he/she has to be in a relative state of balance. Why? He/she will only be able to keep on building their Personal Pillar upwards, by ensuring that the four sides are of relative equal height.

Here's what I mean:

With four uneven sides, one's Personal Pillar CANNOT sustain his/her Life's Goal. With all the FOUR SIDES integrated in a SINGLE Personal Pillar diagram, everyone can INSTANTLY see which area (if any) of imbalance that he/she needs to work on.

With four sides of relative equal height, one's Personal Pillar WILL support his/her Life's Goal, for the long term. Additionally, a balanced Personal Pillar is READY to be built upwards, to reach higher (better) Life's Goal.

I have also made an online Personal Balance Test (available in ENGLISH and Bahasa INDONESIA), which would give test-taker an idea of his/her relative state of balance (or imbalance). As of June 2013, approximately 20,000 people have taken the test, with thousands of POSITIVE feedbacksPlease try it out.


If you would like to share the "Personal Scorecard Pillar" concept, you can also download this FREE print-and-cut tool, as a possible fun-yet-productive project with family and friends.

One of my goals is to create an animation-feature of the Balanced Pillar concept, to disseminate the importance of balanced-life from early on to the world's young generation. Here's the first attempt at the animation (in Bahasa INDONESIA):

How balanced ARE YOU?

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